Thursday, February 14, 2008

No fumare? Salute!

When you think of Italy, what comes to mind? I think of Casanova, romantic Arias, Romeo and Juliet, Venetian canals, and, of course, my late- grandmother's Sicilian cuisine. I'll always remember her delicious, olive oil-infused cooking- rich tomato sauces poured over gigantic plates of pasta, award-winning split pea soup with ham, Chicago-style pizza, fried Italian sausage, never ending packages of hard salami in her fridge, and boxes of Neopolitan ice cream in her freezer.

I know what you're thinking- that diet sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen! Actually, Rome just released a study that shows an 11.2% decrease in heart attacks in the age demographic most likely to frequent bars and restaurants since their 100% smoke-free law went into place last year. Just in time for Valentine's Day, we Italians found a way to protect our hearts without giving up our delicious food! Cara mia, Sicilia, ti voglio bene!

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