Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

This post is dedicated to all mothers around the world! Here at SFW we are very dedicated to keeping everyone safe from the hazards of tobacco, especially our mothers! Unfortunately, not everyone shares this attention to women's health!

According to a study recently published by The Washington Post, the life expectancy for women is no longer growing. In fact, in 180 counties across the U.S. it is either declining or leveling off.

This must be stopped! Take a look at this women's tobacco fact sheet. If this information concerns you, please take any of the steps below to help reverse this devastating trend!

1. Share this information with legislators and women's groups and
organizations in your community who are interested in women's health issues.

2. Share this data with a local journalist who may be interested in
writing about the terrible toll of tobacco on women's lives. Connect the reporter with a local woman who has lost her mother to smoking or a woman who is struggling to quit. Putting a human face with the facts makes for a more compelling story.

3. Use the data to highlight the problem of smoking among women and the
need to help pregnant smokers quit.

4. Fight back against companies like R.J. Reynolds who are targeting young girls with "sexy" brands like Camel No. 9. For more information on how to expose this misleading advertising, visit

5. Include this information in an op-ed or a letter to the editor.

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