Thursday, May 8, 2008

Michigan Senate passes strong smoke-free bill

Today the Michigan State Senate passed a strong smoke-free bill. It had been bottled up for months in committee due to a lack of support from their Senate Majority Leader, but today he stated he was unwilling to stand in the way any longer when it was clear the votes were there to pass it.
The bill is headed back to Michigan's House (the equivalent of our State Assembly) for a concurrence vote. The House had earlier passed a version of the bill different than the one passed today - the 2 versions will need to be reconciled before the policy can head to the governor, who has stated she will sign the bill. (This same process recently played out in Iowa, resulting in them becoming the 24th state to pass a smoke-free restaurant and bar law.)
If Michigan's Legislature can agree on a single bill, they will become the 25th state to pass a strong smoke-free workplace law, putting Wisconsin in the bottom half of states in protecting workers and residents from secondhand smoke.

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