Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Election Series: Voting Early

Today in Our Election Series: Voting Early

Did you know you can vote before Election Day in Wisconsin? Wisconsin allows absentee voting for all registered voters. Here's how:

Voting by absentee requires you to be registered before you can request your ballot. Look back at our registration post to find out how if you haven't registered to vote already.

Once registered, voters can request ballots:

  • By Mail: Download the application for an absentee ballot from the GAB's Election Division website. Complete the form and mail it to your municipal clerk. The clerk must receive your application by 5:00 PM on the Thursday before the election (Oct. 30) in order to mail you a ballot.
  • In Person: Apply up until 5:00 PM on the day before the election. You'll receive your ballot, fill it out, and return it before leaving the clerk's office.
Deadline: If you receive a ballot by mail, the completed ballot must be received by your municipal clerk no later than the day of election (your ballot must be delivered to the polling location by 8:00 PM). If time is getting down to the wire and you're not sure you can mail your ballot back in time, you can still go to your polling location on Election Day and cast your vote at the polls.

There are exceptions for military voters.

Stay tuned: What to Expect On Election Day

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