Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Madison is soon to be home to the National Summit on Smokeless and Spit Tobacco

Later this month, Madison will be the host of the 5th National Summit on Smokeless and Spit Tobacco. This is an exciting conference that will provide all the cutting edge information about smokeless and spit tobacco products. Below are just a few of the reasons you might want to attend:

1. This is the only national conference designed specifically to provide cutting-edge information and proven resources to fight against and reduce the use of smokeless tobacco products, a serious general and oral health threat to its users. Even with the promise of FDA regulation, smokeless tobacco will continue to be sold and cause disease in unsuspecting consumers. Get the latest information about what FDA regulation means.

2. More and more states and municipalities are going smoke-free. Big Tobacco has a plan in place. What's yours? Come gather with colleagues from across the US to find out what they're doing, and you can get started (or fine-tune) putting your plan into action.

3. How are youth impacted by Tobacco Industry marketing? Learn how young people around the country are fighting back!

4. Is smokeless tobacco really a safe alternative to cigarettes? Are these products helping smokers quit, or are we simply seeing more dual usage? At this conference you will hear about the latest research in smokeless tobacco and you'll learn what we need to say to the public about this growing health threat.

5. Many new smokeless tobacco products have recently been introduced into the market, constituting a new generation of nicotine delivery systems designed to appeal to a new generation of users. Do you know what these products are? Do you know how the industry is marketing these products, and to whom? This conference will enable you to answer these questions and be more effective in your your fight against these dangerous products.

6. Many people in your community think smokeless tobacco products are harmless. Do you know how to educate them about the truth? Come learn how.

Check out the website for full details!

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