Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tobacco Harvest in Wisconsin

With September in full swing Wisconsin is harvesting its bounty of healthful plants like tomatoes, corn, squash, and soybeans. This is also the time that Wisconsin harvests its tobacco. While tobacco is not a huge portion of the agricultural base in Wisconsin, it lags behind dairy production significantly. Many farmers grow and harvest tobacco as a portion of their harvest bounty but also include more common mid-western crops like corn. 
Tobacco is a highly profitable crop and yields more dollars per acre than many other crops that thrive in the Wisconsin growing season. Wisconsin is not a producer of tobacco for cigarettes, but rather for spit and cigar wrappers. 
Despite it being a good year for tobacco growth here in Wisconsin, SFW has worked tirelessly to fight back against Big Tobacco with its devastating toll of addiction and health problems. It is unclear how tobacco taxes will affect local farmers here in Wisconsin, but its clear- tobacco farming is a thing of the past- no matter the growing conditions.

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