Monday, October 19, 2009

More on E-Cigarettes

This morning I was getting my daily dose of talk radio and they featured an ad about electronic cigarettes.
The ad contained statements like:

"Try this product totally free, over a $130 value, yours free!"

"Tobacco-free product that will help you or your loved one quit"

"A safer alternative to smoking"

"Call this number for your free trial offer"

All of this seemed in keeping with other advertising we have seen about the emerging marketing of electronic cigarettes. Throughout the day I tried to call the number but it was busy every time. This product is also widely available in mall kiosks.
What was missing from this ad  and from mall kiosks are disclaimers saying that this product has not been thoroughly tested in clinical trials by the FDA like other cessation devices or pharmaceuticals. These ads and kiosks also don't have the disclaimer that these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. It is curious as to how a company can claim a product is safer without providing the evidence that the product is indeed safer.
Continue to check back here as more develops on the issue of e-cigarettes.

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Greensmoke Electric Cigarettes said...

Wondering if you have any follow up comments since this post? The FDA is still fighting the e-cig but the fact is that they are less harmful than traditional cigs. No one is saying they are 100% healthy, just that the 4k chemicals you get from traditional cigs has been almost taken down to zero.

The e-cigarette is a great alternative because it allows smokers to have the “experience” of smoking a cigarette, but with less nicotine, no tar, and none of the smell and icky butts left over. Some people are using them to quit smoking but even if someone has no intention on quitting, it's a much better alternative.