Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gov. Doyle: Cigarette sales to minors decreased!

Photo credit: Wispolitics

Earlier this week Governor Jim Doyle announced a significant decrease in tobacco sales to Wisconsin minors.
Wisconsin is making huge strides to reducing the amount of tobacco our young people get their hands on. Our 2009 Synar sales compliance survey, which determines the number of retail outlets that are selling tobacco illegally to minors, shows a noncompliance rate of 5.7 percent—20 percent lower than the 2008 rate of 7.2 percent.This is great news for Wisconsin citizens.

“In Wisconsin, we are working hard to protect our kids from the scourge of tobacco,” Governor Doyle said. “Our state has a long history of preventing youth tobacco sales and I’m pleased our 
For more information about the Synar report and tobacco control efforts in Wisconsin, please visit

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