Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Study: Smoker sensitivity to retail tobacco displays and quitting.

A new study was released by researchers in Australia about retail tobacco displays and the ease smokers have in quitting. The study assessed whether or not point of sale cigarette displays influence quitting. They found that the presence of cigarette pack displays make it more difficult for smokers to quit and be 100% successful.

Big Tobacco opposes display bans and has created a website addressing their concerns about this tobacco control policy. The website is loaded with faux studies which point to increased illicit trade of cigarettes as a result of display bans. Ironically, one study was conducted prior to the display ban even going into effect. Their website does not that four countries including Australia, Ireland, Iceland, and Canada have enacted complete prohibitions on displays at the point of sale.

The website claims that these bans are ineffective but then they claim it puts retailers out of business. One has to wonder, is that because people quit more effectively when they are not constantly being marketed a product they are trying desperately to quit? On one hand they claim their are ineffective, but on the other say retailers are going out of business. The answer is clear- they are effective- too effective for Big Tobacco to let this go on. To read this and more tobacco industry fueled junk science go to the Big Tobacco supported site

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