Friday, January 15, 2010

American Lung Association: Wisconsin Report Card for 2009

Yesterday we discussed the federal report card. Today let's see how Wisconsin measured up in terms of the four main areas that the American Lung Association measures a state's success in tobacco control.

  1. Wisconsin received an "F" in tobacco prevention and control funding. The program saw a 55% decrease in funding. The cut in funding was devastating enough, but the cut on the heels of $.75 cigarette tax increase hasWisconsin coming in with the lowest possible grade. 
  2. Wisconsin received an "I" for smoke-free air because we have not implemented our law yet. After July 5th, 2010 we should see a pretty impressive score in this area. 
  3. Wisconsin received a "B" in the cigarette tax category. Wisconsin has the 5th highest cigarette tax in the nation, so we got a thumbs up for that! 
  4. Wisconsin received a "B" in the cessation coverage category. While we cover many medications on through the Medicaid program, we have minimal coverage of co-pays which brings us down. We do have good coverage on the state employee health plan as well. The thing that really brings our score down in the lack of an insurance mandate for cessation coverage for private insurers. While many private insures cover cessation a mandate would bring our grade up! 

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