Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spotlight: FDA to study what is in a cigarette?

While the FDA has been able to tell you what is in a tube of lipstick, they have not been able to tell you what is in a cigarette. The wait is finally over. According to an article today on WKOW Channel 27 Madison and an AP article announced that cigarette manufacturers will have to disclose their ingredients to the Food and Drug Administration. Starting in June Big Tobacco will need to turn over their ingredients and studies they have conducted on their products.
This is a huge step forward for public health. It has been a great mystery as to what addictive chemicals are added to cigarettes. Finally the public will know the truth!
While general ingredients have been published by some of Big Tobacco, by and large the contents of these products has been unknown. With FDA in charge, determining and eliminating additives will be much easier.
This will mean people all across the nation and in Wisconsin will better know what is in these products.

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