Monday, January 11, 2010

Court Ruling

A while back we posted about a pending lawsuit that deals with FDA regulatory provisions eliminating the use of light or mild on cigarette packaging (See post on light and mild). Last week a U.S. Judge struck down portions of the new FDA law which restricts tobacco product advertising. However many of the provisions of the FDA law have stood up in the court challenge by Big Tobacco. The ruling states that FDA can't block tobacco companies from using colors and graphics- they also can't say their product is safer because it has been regulated by the FDA.

The important provisions that still stand are: the requirement to use large graphic health warnings on tobacco products, the elimination sponsorships of athletic, social and cultural events using brand names, and the elimination of using branding and logos on merchandise.

All sides, Big Tobacco, Advertising Folks, and Public Health all call this a victory.

Read the full article about the ruling.

Read the full ruling.

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