Friday, January 8, 2010

First Week of New Year's Resolutions Comes to a Close

Many people make a resolution to change a behavior during the new year. Whether you resolved to eat more fruits and veggies or to get out and appreciate nature more, by this point you have approached an initial evaluation point. This can be a major challenge, as the saying goes, old  habits die hard.

This is also a time when people attempt to quit smoking or give up chewing. If  you are one of the many people who resolve for this year to be different by this point in the new year you should have some success to report.

How has your progress been so far this new year?

Here are some quitting smoking and chewing resources hand selected for you:

My Last Dip

Wisconsin Quit Line

And for those who resolved to do some other healthier thing here are some resources:

Bicycle Maps for all 72 Counties in Wisconsin (though, I would probably wait for the ice to melt)

Wisconsin Winter Sports

Wisconsin Farmer's Markets

This is many more weeks in a happiest of new years and may your resolve remain strong!

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SEOリンク said...

New year, new resolutions, that's good.

And the saying is exactly right, old habits die hard, so let's just make up new good habits to defeat the old ones.

Good year, good luck!