Wednesday, February 10, 2010

FDA: Worried about R. J. Reynold's new products

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In the new regulatory capacity of the FDA, they have requested research about  new Camel (R. J. Reynolds) products such as orbs, sticks, and strips. While only being test marketed in a few places nationwide, the hope is these products will be nationwide. The FDA is worried that these products will appeal to youth and young people. With bright packaging, small size, and affordable price, these products are likely to make their way into the hands of young people. FDA is requesting information about how people under 25 perceive dissolvable products. They are likely to find that young people view these products as safer then cigarettes. 
While the Master Settlement Agreement prohibits the marketing of products directly to minors, it is clear that these products are a cause for concern. 
As many people know, Wisconsin was not chosen as a test market for the sticks, strips, and orbs. However we have tried to keep the good people of Wisconsin in the know about these products. Hopefully the FDA finds out some good information and we can use to that to prevent youth from picking up these products. We don't know if these products are safer than cigarettes. We do know that these products carry different risks than cigarettes, most likely more like chewing tobacco. Time and the FDA will tell...... 

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