Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fear not... Lorillard joining smokeless market too!

321: R = Rhytiphobia, the fear of aging... by practicalowl. 

Fear not blog readers... Lorillard is not to be outdone by its other Big Tobacco buddies! The makers of Newports have reached a deal with Swedish Match AB to make a new smokeless product for their US consumers. 
As we see the rise of smoke-free air laws all across the country, Big Tobacco has been hard at work to make sure they are still selling death, disease, and addiction. While Phillip Morris and R. J. Reynolds have gotten on the bandwagon early, Lorillard is joining the cause too. 
The plan for the makers of Newport is to create  a "snus" style product. 
So Wisconsinites- time to get your sluething hats on and be on the lookout for a snus product coming your way. The company has not released a timeline for the test marketing of their new product, but Camel has seen a small share of success with its Snus product and Lorillard is hoping to do the same. 

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