Friday, April 23, 2010

Assembly Concurs with Senate Amendment 1

In case you haven't heard the big news yet, the Assembly decided to take up Senate Amendment 1 late last night. The amendment was made to what is called a "reviser bill." This is a bill that is a catch all for any re-numbering, minor errors, or other edits to legislation passed throughout the legislative session. AB 720 fixed plenty of errors in other laws but also sought to make a significant policy change to the statewide smoke-free air law. This amendment did one positive thing-- which was define a solid wall as substantial. However it created more confusion about the definition of enclosed place.

Enclosed place is defined as "a structure with a roof and  two or more substantial walls."

A substantial wall is defined as "a wall with no opening or with an opening that either does not allow air in from the outside or is less than 25 percent of the wall's surface area." 

This definition does not clarify what can and cannot be considered inside or outside. 

Common sense must prevail in the face of so-called "legislative fixes."

The public is smart enough to know what is inside and what is outside. The vast majority of Wisconsinites support this law (69%) and know that all Wisconsin workplaces including bars and restaurants will be going smoke-free on July 5th 2010. 

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