Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sinus and nasal problems increase with secondhand smoke exposure

It's a familiar scene- a couple of friends invite you over for some drinks at their house. Or maybe its a house warming, or graduation party, or even better a Halloween party.... Its a cheap alternative to the bar and would allow for a better conversation. The only catch here is that your friend smokes in their apartment. This type of exposure to secondhand smoke could place you at risk for sinus issues among other health issues.

A new study released this week shows that secondhand smoke (SHS) may be to blame in people's nose and sinus issues. Exposure to SHS was linked to an increased likelihood of suffering from sinusitis. Just in case you needed one more reason to support smoke-free public places here it is!

The study found that exposure to secondhand smoke at work tripled the risk for sinus issues, while risk was double for those who are exposed at private social functions. This research did delve into new territory in the sense that it examined SHS exposure in private social settings. Previous studies have examined sites of exposure like at work or in your own home.

While legislation has addressed the vast majority of workplaces, public places, and entertainment venues that people frequent-- a friend's private resident is clearly not covered under these laws. While there has been some progress made at multi-unit housing, single family homes remain unregulated. If you weren't totally convinced on the importance of smoke-free housing perhaps you are now.

To read the REUTERS article click here. 

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