Friday, September 17, 2010

Smoke-Free Air Laws Can Save Kids' Lives, According to Recent Study

New research finds smoke-free air laws have "even greater health benefits than previously believed," reports The Washington Post. The new study, conducted in Scotland and published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that these laws reduce the number of trips to the hospital for kids suffering from asthma, potentially saving their lives. USA Today reports the study found, "the number of children hospitalized for life-threatening asthma episodes fell 18% in the first year after Scotland's smoke-free law took effect." Before Scotland passed their smoke-free air law, these numbers were on the rise.

While many studies have shown smoke-free air laws like Wisconsin's greatly improve the health of hospitality workers, this study furthers those findings by providing evidence that the laws have a very positive impact on the health of our children, as well. Wisconsin has the fifth highest kids' exposure rate to second-hand smoke in the nation. This study suggests the recently passed smoke-free air law can help to bring those numbers down and improve the respiratory health of our kids.

Read more about the study in The Washington Post here and in USA Today here.

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