Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SmokeFree Wisconsin Needs Your Help

Fall is officially here! It is a favorite season of many! As we enjoy the beauty around us, we get to pull out all our warm sweaters and cozy up with some hot apple cider with a pumpkin spice candle flickering nearby. Just as the clothes at the front of our closets change , our state, too, will soon undergo some changes. Very soon, new faces will be chosen to lead Wisconsin citizens for the next few years.

Recently, some individuals and municipalities started speaking out against the recently-passed, smoke-free air law and are even talking about repeal! We cannot let these threats to this life-saving legislation come to fruition. At SmokeFree Wisconsin, we are working relentlessly to make sure the smoke-free air we've all just achieved stays that way, but we need your help! We are so grateful for the support you have offered in the past as we worked up to this point. Please give whatever you can today to help us protect Wisconsin's hard-won, smoke-free air law and continue our efforts to preserve the right for everyone to live and breathe tobacco-free!

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